The second book in the Contention series.


The Contention series continues in the book Providence.
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The first question you may ask is "do I need to have read Contention first". My answer is no. The story will give you a very good idea of the characters but I personally think you will enjoy the book even more if you have read Contention first. This is a five book series and Contention is a fantastic 5 star rated book and gives you a better understanding of the back ground to all five books. All your favorite characters from Contention continue into Providence. When billionaire reality TV show king Howard Irwin announces he has cloned 21 of the past champions racehorses and plans to races them against each other in a globally televised reality show, the racing and sporting world go crazy. The clones are now three years old and ready to race to determine who really is the champion of champions. Howard enlist three high profile trainers-Logan Weston, Angus Masters and ex-baseball star and rookie racehorse trainer Lance Holyfield-to put in front of the cameras. For the past 18 months Logan and Angus have been slugging it out on and off the track and have bought the life back into the racing game. Lance Holyfield , with his boy-next-door image and high tech training style is determined he has the goods to beat them both. The trainer's lives are exposed to the world 24/7 as the show follows the clones' progress from the world record setting horse auction onto the training and progressing to race day. Howard thinks about one thing only-ratings-and if that means secretly exposing hidden secrets he will do it.
Contention-Providence follows the journey of the trainers as the compete to win the Champion of Champion crown with some of history greatest races horses. Love, betrayal and the excitement and glamour of the Sport of Kings all come together against the ruthless backdrop of reality TV in this fast paced account of horse racings first ever foray into racing clones. Add in the underbelly and underworld side of racing and this book will open your eyes like never before.
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