Untouchable: Book 4 in the Contention Series
The “Sport of Kings” is a lure too great for many. The battlers work hard, desperately trying to get their shot. The rich simply buy their way in. Then there’s Ricco Diangelo, who, out of nowhere, mysteriously arrives on the horse racing scene, creating a stir.’Seems like a likeable fellow,’ say many, ‘he’s a good guy, funny, smart and warm.’ But some describe an entirely different side of Rieco.`Watch him – remember that if you lie with dogs you will get fleas’. It seems like Ricco will spread his fleas into the racing community and many will not notice they have been bitten until it is too late.
Ricco is working with bloodstock agent Piper Worthington-Jones to build up his stable of horses—but is she hiding something?
Meanwhile the Champion of Champions race series continues to dominate the horse industry. Angela Masters has now taken hold of the reins, replacing her husband, Angus Masters in the reality show produced by billionaire Howard Irwin. Angela’s training against her ex-husband, Logan Weston, a deliberate move by Howard to inject even more drama into the hugely successful reality series bringing the past champions back through cloning. Will Torn Baker. Logan’s protégé, be the first to fall into Ricco’s trap? Drugs, hookers, race fixing and extortion. Is it too late for Tom, or will he recognize the truth for what it is?
In the race to become the Champion of Champions, will the corrupt prove themselves untouchable?


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